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The Solution

You have the power. You possess the abilities to overcome doubt, relieve stress, and live the life you want. All you have to do is tap into your "True Self."


The Solution workshop will guide you on how to deprogram cultural beliefs about who you think you are and help you uncover who you truly are and wish to be.

Our primary technique and goal in DRPF is to strengthen our Awareness, Consciousness & Energy (ACE) to Manifest, Enrich and Fulfill (MEF) in all aspects of our life. 

The Solution will teach you a simple yet impactful technique in which every step has a significant purpose. This workshop will help you explore, traverse and tap into the unknown anatomy of the heart, where your inner potential resides and impacts all levels of your existence. The technique will eventually be a 9-minute practice that you can implement in your daily life.​​

The Solution is a 4 Hours program. 



  • Staying in the present and finding answers within you
  • ​Source, sustain and solve structural and functional day-to-day stresses

  • Experiencing the qualities of your true self

  • Improving relationships 

  • Overcoming your anxiety and fears

  • Awakening the teacher within you to take charge of your life

  • Tapping into the invisible anatomy of the heart the very storehouse of ALL knowledge

  • Finding the very purpose of your life to gain clarity

  • Enrich the environment around you

  • Work on manifesting, enriching and fulfilling your goals and desires

The solution technique helps us let go, build focus, and develop a channel of communication with yourself. By habitual practice of the solution exercise we traverse our environments (universes) - self physical universe (material body), self internal universe (the hearts’ unknown anatomy) and self external universe (from our room to the cosmos) which is a journey worth experiencing.

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