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ACE to MEF Science

Dr.Ramesh's search for a cure including research and practice over the last two decades has led him to the secrets of health and vitality.

ACE to MEF Science is based on strengthening our

Awareness, Consciousness & Energy  (ACE) in order to

Manifest, Enrich & Fulfill  (MEF) in every aspect of our life.

Every living or non-living form that exists in this universe undergo a process of generation and degeneration and regeneration.


Mountains, plants, animals and humans.


As the years pass, we humans start experiencing dis-comforts, dis-ease, dis-stress. 


Ever wondered why?

External and internal factors, that enable our evolution as an individual and a society, influence our natural balancing mechanism, exhausting us in many ways. These factors block the natural fractal process of our system, leading to a lack of energy.   Accelerating the process of ageing of the body, both physically and mentally.

DRPF Worldwide has several TRAININGS, TOOLS AND TRANSFORMATION SESSIONS to evoke a process, which already exists in nature and guide us through our self-healing journey.

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