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International Life Coach & Advisor | Head of DRPF Mongolia



I would say it has been my honour that I have known Dr Ramesh before he created DRPF. I always wanted to reach out and have a direct conversation with him, but he was beyond my reach because of various structural hierarchy.


When I first learnt about his independent venture DRPF,

I quickly reached out to him to invite him for a workshop in Mongolia. Dr Ramesh politely declined my invitation, saying that he was busy looking for a place called Shambala. He mentioned how he needed to visit the place for some kind of spiritual atonement. To my surprise, and his, I informed him that

Shambala is a sacred ancient spiritual destination, situated

in the Gobi Dessert, of Mongolia.


Dr Ramesh was destined to visit Mongolia. And the people of Mongolia, were destined to find our true teacher in him.


Today, our entire nation looks up to Dr Ramesh as a father

and Dr Shresht as a mother.

The individual connection each member of DRPF Mongolia feels with each of the Ramesh family is pure and profound.

Me, my family and the whole of Mongolia will be forever thankful to our destiny that we came across Dr Ramesh,

his teachings and his family. We also hope that we the people of Mongolia, will lead the path to the age of truth,

for the rest of the world.



Self Transformation Consultant and Teacher | Head of DRPF Brazil 


“Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity, this is the key!”.

During my first Solution workshop in 2014, I learned this phrase

from Dr. Ramesh. I didn’t really understand what he meant, but deep inside I knew it was important.


Dr. Ramesh’s ACE MEF Science has always been music to my heart,

and back then I felt that something was opening up, an awakening

was happening. Driven by this feeling I expressed my interest in his workshops. I wanted to learn and share this knowledge with

everyone. Soon, within a year I became a DRPF teacher and Life Consultant.


Simplicity should be achieved. It requires a transformation from

within. In 2015, when I visited Shambala, in Mongolia, I felt a special shift within myself. That’s when I truly realized and experienced the meaning of ‘Simplicity’ and my purpose in life revealed itself.


That realization gave me courage and strength to start fulfilling my purpose, which is to bring simplicity to people’s lives teaching them how to connect and to be in sync with their heart.



Today, hundreds of people have benefited from The Solution technique, in both Brazil and Dubai. My family has grown stronger and I have been able to help my parents to conquer their grief. Most importantly, I feel fulfilled, healthy and happy.

The Solution is more than an exercise, it is a way of life. It takes the person to a state of full potential, where the whole universe works in their favor, and anything is possible. When one reaches that state, they experience simplicity!


Connect to your heart, “LIVE SIMPLICITY”, and thrive.

GVS Appalaraju

GVS Appalaraju

Professor of Physics | Head of DRPF India



I met Dr. Segu Krishna Ramesh Ji for the first time in May 2015 at BENGALURU, India, for 'The Solution' workshop and I was instantly attracted to his teachings.


He spoke about the concepts of ‘Black hole’ and ‘White hole’ in the space and the origin of creation. As that is related to my subject Physics, I understood his teachings well. As the physical science only knows 5% of the creation, the remaining 95% is unknown, he started focusing on the unknown. Through his researches in medicine and environment, he has developed new methods of treatments for reversing the diseases or imbalances in every individual. Not only at physical body, but at all level of existence like energy body, mental, emotional and spiritual body.


One miraculous experience was when I helped a 40 year old lady recover from Chronic Myeloid Leukemia' with the help of simple ACE to MEF tools. We both were happy and amazed about the results. So far I have helped three people suffering from the multiple disorders.

It is important to understand that we are not against western medicine. It is good for emergency purpose. But there is something beyond that. For which we need to learn from the teacher within. I have attended many work shops conducted by Doctor in India, Dubai and Mongolia and currently I am also a senior teacher at DRPF. 

I am looking forward to establish my own organisation in Bangalore to spread the teachings of DRPF across India and the world



Homeopathic Dentist

Carmelita Picture 2.jpg


I had always been a seeker. I had explored many paths of energy sciences; like Aromatherapy, Tai Chi, Yoga, and a lot more. But I was still not in peace. I was curious, for something I had no clue about.

When the Solution was introduced to me, I didn't give it much regard. However, I started noticing astonishing changes after the second workshop with Dr Ramesh. 

Earlier that year I had developed vitiligo and the spots annoyed me a lot. To my surprise, some of these marks disappeared miraculously after the sessions. 

My life has changed rapidly ever since. My health has got better and my head is always clear of all sorts of doubts and stress. 

I am in love with my life. My kids have also taken the Solution workshop for Kids which has made my house a place of peace, respect and cooperation. 

Today, I have become introspective. I feel peace inside. I do not let anything imbalance me from inside. Best of all,

I am not a seeker any more.


Goedele Vercnocke

Head of DRPF Belgium



I met Dr Ramesh for the first time in 2003, when I was still recovering from burn-out, depression and bone surgery. I had just taken my first steps into the world of meditation and Tychon energy and was working in a healing centre where Dr Ramesh visited as a guest teacher. 

During his first session, he displayed unimaginable faith in me when he asked me to lead the workshop. To my surprise, I was confident, even when I knew that all the students wanted to learn from Dr Ramesh. Since that day my faith in myself increased manifold. 

Years later in 2016, I once again came across Dr Ramesh on the internet and immediately connected with him on video call. As expected, Dr Ramesh was ready with a whole new set on insights, tools and the SOLUTION workshop. Soon I invited him to Belgium in the spring of 2017 to organise the first SOLUTION WORKSHOP in (Brussels).

Many workshops later, today I teach the Solution and Shambala myself. My life has changed in a positive way. More because I can help others transform their life, the way I did. My clients tell me how their life has changed for the better in every way with the principles of DRPF. 

I am so thankful to Dr Ramesh for taking the world to a higher vibration.

Keep up the good work!



The first time I did the Solution Workshop, back in 2015,

I felt as if I was coming out of a cave.

It was an awakening I could feel. 


A lot has happened since then.

Over the past four years my life has been through a whirlwind, perhaps due to changes in life and

the transformations I was going through. 


I allowed myself to live freely in a very different way.

I was open to new sensation, new experiences. 


As the days go by, I feel more connected to the ALL,

the UNIVERSE and GOD. 


Health wise, I have overcome knee pain, herniated disc, hypertension. My vitals are satisfactory and

I can proudly say I have an excellent health at the age of 56




Zarine Dadachanji


Facilitator for Sound Meditations & Energy Healings


On our first meeting I purchased a stylo from Dr Ramesh. He looked at me and said “Do not use it unless you learn how". So I put it in a drawer and promptly forgot about it!


Decades later I inquired from a yoga teacher/friend as to the whereabouts of Dr Ramesh. And he says he met him a few days ago and gave me his phone number. But i did not call. Within a week, another friend sends me a message detailing a meeting that is planned with Doc and a few other people to discuss new learnings! And so the universe decides on perfect timing and that meeting results in a year long journey of unlearning and new learnings; of all things life related: awareness, consciousness and energy related....


The love and deep compassion and kindness that Doc and his family have shown me has been exceptional. I truly feel like I am part of the family. And as life unfolds that love and compassion is shared by me with all I meet. All the courses and tools that we learnt about have been used by me at various times in my sessions of healing and meditations.

I can happily say hundreds of people have benefited from the simple Solution exercise that I have shared with students, families, corporates and government employees. On a personal level, the tools and processes taught by him have improved the quality of my life. I have been healthy and happy in all I choose to do. No medicines. No doctors. No visits to the pharmacy. Bioscans show brain, body and auric health. Family life is fulfilled.


I have been blessed with abundance and prosperity. And I have stayed independent while following my passion and making it my profession as Doc always guides me to do. It’s wonderful to see and hear about all the new things that Doc and Nikhila and the rest of the family are doing.

They say “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." The long wait was so worth it! Blessed.


It was 31st December, 2014. I was in a terrible emotional state. My high state of fear, anxiety, rage, frustration and anger was making me perceive a life full of destructions. 


It was also the third time I met Doc Uncle. He listened to me with great compassion, on a day when people generally celebrate with their families and friends. After listening to all that I had to say, he simply said 'Son, it is the absence of love.'


That day I realized Life is all about loving thyself. It is about seeing and feeling your self worth from the inside out. It was this ‘absence of love' that was causing me stress, failure, jealousy, resentment, anger and fear in my life. With his simple 90 second exercise, I could feel my inner chatter reduce significantly. The child inside me felt safe and loved. I could feel a deep sense of peace, which got me to appreciate all the love and joy I am blessed with.

Global Conference Speaker



Doc Uncle certainly made me realize the highest priority is to love thyself. Further to that, his amazing daughter Nikhila Ramesh has also become a teacher to me. She is many years younger to me, yet she possesses the compassion to serve others like a true guide. Through the years she has been a great encouragement to me to move forward in my life, to live my true purpose.

S P Sudheendra Bhaskar

Community Member



I broke my right leg when I was just 8 years old.

It has been attached, but is angulated.

It has always been an extremely painful experience, especially for my ankle area. The orthopedic surgeon told me that my ankle problem cannot be avoided as it carries the weight of my body while walking. But the pain was such that I had to find a cure for it.

In 2000, I started Meditation. It could reduce the pain for a short while, but it would come back soon.


However, things changed drastically after I learnt about the ACE to MEF science. With regular practice, the exercises and products start working in seconds.

DRPF is a the perfect melting pot for medical science and spirituality. My meditation experience has just gotten better.

I would like to express my gratitude to DRPF and especially my guru, Dr Segu Krishna Ramesh..

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-26 at 19.58_edite

Thank you Dr. Ramesh for a wonderful integrated Scanner & Life Consultant program.

This program will enhance my healing sessions.

The information that Dr.Ramesh provided comes from his many decaded of practice. The protocol has a purpose for the client to correct imbalances on all levels - emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. I felt very comfortable being able to ask all my questions and even ask the same questions from a new level of experience the next day. The 4 days of training allowed me many opportunities to use many of the tools for balance of myself and the people I got to practice on. Dr.Ramesh is very attentive to all aspects of the training. We covered a lot of material training, concepts and ideas in the 4 days.




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