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The Truth resides in ALL

Life doesn't come with a manual or a road map. It just comes with a purpose. Each one of us wish to find and fulfil that purpose. But how?

Experiencing our own truth

is the first step towards reaching our final destiny.

Feel your inner potential with Group Experiences.

Reconnect with your True Self, with ACE to MEF Sciences.

Anandam Elevate


Start Your Self Transformation Journey Today

At DRPF, our aim is to assist every individual around the globe to experience their truth, create their own unique path, to ultimately manifest the life of their choice, by accessing the unknown anatomy of the heart.

Level I


Level II


Level III


Level IV


Transformation Series



The individual connection each member of DRPF Mongolia feels with each of the Ramesh family is pure and profound.

Me, my family and the whole of Mongolia will be forever thankful to our destiny that we came across Dr Ramesh,

his teachings and his family. We also hope that we the people of Mongolia, will lead the path to the age of truth,

for the rest of the world.

Rediscover Yourself
Like Never Before.

Redefine your understanding and learn how to communicate with your body, mind and soul, with simplified knowledge of ACE to MEF Sciences.

Follow our perfectly planned and sequentially organised workshops for maximum as well as systematic inner evolution.

Find your people and connect with like minded community members from around the globe.



Online Workshop

24th to 26th May, 2024

Stay Tuned For


Coming Soon

Boundless Healing


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