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This page is dedicated to forms you may need to fill out based on specific orders for Digital Tool | Workshop| Treatment

Immune You

 Universal Antibody Generator

Specific Antibody Generator 

Please fill the form if you have purchased

the Immune You | UABG | Sp ABG Digital Tool. 

Course Completion Form

Miracle Ageless You (Learn) 

Miracle Ageless You (Become)

Have you completed DRPF courses before 

and want to be a part of an annual combined program? 

Please fill this form to be considered for a discount!

Treatment with Dr.Ramesh

Please fill this form if you have purchased

a Treatment Session with Dr.Ramesh

Virtual LJ Remedy Form

Have you completed your Life Journey / Nadi Reading?

Here is an opportunity for you to complete your remedies

Virtually with Dr.Ramesh OR Nikhila Ramesh.

Fill up this form

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