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Anandam Elevate

An ideal doorway into world of ACE to MEF Sciences.

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Anandam Elevate is a 9 step Group Experience, covered over 12 hours, designed to assist you in reconnecting with your inner potential.

Experience an Integrated State of Body, Mind & Soul. 

Unblock every lack with Alignment, Balance, Current & Flow. 

Strengthen your immunity. Master your Biomechanisms. 

Reconnecting with the your inner body, your Chakras, the 7 Energy Centres of your body

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What does 'Anandam' mean?

Ananda in simple words means Bliss. It is the pure essence in which our soul resides and is essential for our ultimate survival and purpose. Our truest qualities generate from the Anandam Essence. It exists in our environment and in every living being. So let’s master the vibration of ‘Anandam’, to actively initiate and elevate the essence of bliss through our inner and outer environment.

Our primary technique and goal in DRPF is to strengthen our Awareness, Consciousness & Energy is order to Manifest Enrich and Fulfill in all aspects of our life. 

With Anandam Elevate we will actively work on and through different aspects of our Central Nervous System to initiate the self healing potential in those areas and more. 

Bring about alignment, balance, current and flow by communicating through your sensory and motor neurons

Moreover, to have a strong immunity we need to let go of a lot of mental blocks and tap into our immunity and antibody generator through the Awareness, Consciousness, Energy route. 

Generate universal antibodies with the digital remedy and techniques of  Immune You, Universal Antibody Generator, Specific Antibody Generator, Ease Generation &

Self Uplift

Uplift yourself at a deeper level with your Chakras (Energy Centers), the various meeting points of our nerves.

Meet the Teacher


Nikhila Tarini Ramesh is a Master Teacher at DRPF Worldwide for almost a decade now. She has guided many individuals in unravelling their True Qualities and Awakening the Teacher within. A Compassionate Heart with a Sensitive Mind, Nikhila’s voice has a unique healing power in itself.

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