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Prerequisite:  6 weeks after Freedom 

Radiate your inner energy to heal the world outside.

Find, follow and fulfill the natural healer within.

Enhance your journey into the world of Self Transformation from a student to a healer.

Master the art of connecting with any vortex beyond yours with the Tools and Techniques of Radiance.

Radiance is a visible expression of our Consciousness and with Radiance Solution you learn to: 

  1. Raise your radiance (consciousness) from base levels to peak levels.

  2. Exist and pulsate at different levels of your radiance (consciousness) expansion. 

  3. EnConnect with other humans to help them raise their potential.

The Radiance Solution is a 12 Hours program.

The techniques and practices of Freedom helps us remove our blocks, knots, clouds and darkness, that over time has created a veil around the SUN within us. And now that we are radiating at our highest within ourselves,

the next step is to radiate our inner light everywhere in our surroundings.

With Freedom Solution we connect with nature to assist us through the process.

In Radiance Solution  you’re taking a big step forward towards your original self.

You will be in an integrated state just like nature.

You can walk towards a higher universal purpose of helping others learn

how to jump-start their transformation process, consensually. 

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