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Blossoming Solution 

Prerequisite: ACT Level 1, ACT Level 2, ACT Level 3, ACT Level 4, Life Consultant Level 1, Life Consultant Level 2 & Life Consultant Level 3 & Bachelors Degree. 

Enlightenment and Self Realization are two very significant happenings that one can achieve through

a lot of committed practice. Each one of us have the capability to blossom from our core and into our self universe. Integrating ALL and uplifting ALL is the basis of the Blossoming Solution. 

The possible happenings during Blossoming Solution are:

  • Enlightenment & Self Realization

  • Health & Well-being

  • Awakening the Infinite Potential 

  • Clearing the Unwanted 

  • Astral Travel 

  • Trans-location 

It will teach one how to : 


Physical Universe - Life Force Universe - Mind Universe - Knowledge Universe - Fate Universe - Bliss Universe - Higher Self Universe - Sacred Self Universe - The Formless Self Universe

  • Access the Energy World in the first three days. 

  • Access the Consciousness World in the next three days. 

  • Blossoming  into the Awareness World in the last three days. 

  • The whole process involves techniques, sound exercises, tools and gestures.

  • The training is very measurable and involves a lot of practices. 

  •  It is an experience from form into formless and experience into experience-less-ness. 

  • It is all about achieving  the very purpose of life. 

Moreover, it has  a tremendous transforming effect on our environment namely;

cosmic environment, our work/business/career space, community, home, family and more.


The above mentioned processes can be applied to any aspect of our world as everything is a self similar holographic universe.

The Blossoming Solution is a 36 Hours program inclusive of certification.

Mandatory Assessment Prior & Post Workshop: 

Physical Assessment - Free

Consciousness Scanner Assessment - Free 


​Optional Assessment: 

Organ Stress Assessment before and after workshop - Universal Imaging Scanner.

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