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Source Solution

Prerequisite: The Solution

Begin your journey to your origin, to the very Source. It is where creation begins and dissolves, a step closer to the ALL by:

  • The  Dissolution  and  Expansion: Dissolving the cause and karmic field 

  • Perpetual Bliss: Enriching the Sea of Truth and Righteousness

  • The  Individual  Self  Realization  and  Enlightenment: Realizing the Individual Self and attaining liberation while we continue to responsibly live as a human being.  

  • The  Inward Journey: The journey towards the Source

  • Realization   and   the   Dawn  of  Universal   Enlightenment: grow into the Universal Self and its aspects, your individuality always remains, as it is eternal.

  • Resonance  and  Phase  conjugation: You resonate and become self similar to The Source. 

  • Universal Realization: It is only when we realize and become Source-like does universal enlightenment dawn and our journey to, and communication with the ALL begins!

With the Source Solution you will progressively raise yourself through your aspects of:  Universal Fulfillment, Universal Love, Universal Enrichment, Universal Desire, Universal    Manifestation, Universal Decisions, Universal  Essence (Energy), Universal Sacredness    (Consciousness)   and   Universal   Awareness  (Awareness).

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