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Scanning Methods &
Environment Solutions

Our existence encompasses more than ourselves. The environment we operate in influences us beyond general comprehension. Empower the environment to get empowered in return. Use the ACE to MEF Technology to learn how to build a symbiotic relationship between yourself and your internal and external surroundings.

Scanning Methods and Environment Solutions is a workshop where you learn how to scan the internal and external environment of an individual, detect points of imbalances and enrich it for you and your clients. 

March, 2024


Programme Details

What will you learn:-

Understanding our external environment and its impact on living beings. 

Understanding the different external environmental stressors, such as geopathic stress, elements, astrological, orbits etc. 

Learn demonstrations on the impact of the external environment via different assessments. 

Introduction to the ACE to MEF Consciousness Scanner & ACE to MEF Pendulum

Learn how to use the ACE to MEF Consciousness Scanner / ACE to MEF Pendulum  to identify the potential/imbalances/solutions in the: 

  • External Environment - under and over the ground 

  • Astrological Impact  

  • Chakras

  • Organs ​


Learn how to demonstrate and apply various ACE to MEF tools as possible solutions.

Practical Exercise with other participants to learn how to: 

  • conduct a consultation with a client

  • conduct an in-depth scanning session

  • conduct a site visit 

  • conduct a session for environmental corrections 

  • offer recommendations such as ACE to MEF Tools

Scanning Methods & Environment Solutions is an 8 to 12 hour workshop.



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