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Basic MEF Techniques

A structured and systematic boot camp for aspiring DRPF Life Consultants and existing Wellness Professionals, The Basic MEF Techniques mainly teaches you how to conduct Transformation & Wellbeing Sessions and provide other solutions for your clients. It is a master induction workshop designed for those interested in starting or further strengthening their career as a healer, therapist, life coach or wellness consultant.

In Scanning Methods & Environment Solutions Workshop, you learnt how to identify/scan the imbalances/areas in the following areas of clients' internal environment: 

  • Chakras

  • Navagraha(influence of the astral bodies)

  • Organs & Organ Systems

  • Self-Internal Universe (Koshas)

  • External Environment 

When you have achieved the Absolute Self you are considered to be:

  • Truly Enlightened

  • Truly Realized


When you have achieved the Absolute Self you are considered to be:

  • Truly Enlightened

  • Truly Realized


Basic MEF Techniques would be the next ideal step to learn and understand how we can provide solutions to our clients. Those solutions could include: 


  • Transformation & Wellbeing Sessions - (as a consultant, it is important for us to understand that sometimes people may need individual and focused help/attention based on the situation/s they are going through.)

  • Recommending ACE to MEF tools and teaching them the techniques on how to apply it to themselves 

  • Recommending ACE to MEF workshops from the transformation series

Programme Details

What will you learn:-

  • Gain a deeper understanding of ACE to MEF Sciences

  • Master ACE to MEF Tools techniques; which tools to use, how to use them and why they are important.  

  • Consciously set up and enrich the Environment to practice as a Life Consultant.

  • Techniques of working on yourself before you start your sessions with clients.

  • Steps on how to conduct a Transformation & Wellbeing Session for a client with Basic MEF Techniques: 

    • Listening technique - to help identify the root cause of issues.

    • Scanning Techniques (covered in Scanning Methods & Environment Solutions)

    • Conducting Assessments before and after sessions

    • Conducting the ACE to MEF Transformation & Wellbeing Session with techniques taught during the workshop. 

    • Follow-up & Advice ​

    • Other next steps 

Please note that all techniques taught and tools used during DRPF workshops is meant to be a complimentary add-on to any other medical treatments you might be going through. 


Basic MEF Techniques is an 8 Hours workshop. 



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