Our Vision

To recreate the age of truth, where people seek the true knowledge,

that lies deep inside their heart.


Our Mission

To raise the Awareness, Consciousness and Energy 
of the entire universe, by uniting humans, animals, plants
and the ALL as a single soul.

Global Presence

Operating across the world, we are a family of Doctors, Therapists, Healers, Teachers, Personal Coach,

Students, IT Professionals, Fashion Designers, Teachers, Translators and more.

Each one of us are dedicated to adapt the true knowledge we acquire from within,

through the ACE to MEF science,

to our individuals industries and interest areas. 

The True Knowledge

We all seek for knowledge outside, when in reality,

wisdom lies deep inside our own heart. 

All we need to do is believe in our own experiences and Awaken the Teacher inside us.

At DRPF, we practice nurturing our inner guide

through various workshops and exercises. 


Meet the Ramesh's

The founding family and the flagbearers of Dr Ramesh's Potent Family.

Join them in their unique journey towards fulfilling the destiny of mankind.

Dr. S.K Ramesh

Medical Doctor, a Professor and Consultant of Traumatology,

Orthopaedic Surgery, PhD in Wellness Sciences and DSc Transformational Sciences.

Master Teacher & Life Consultant |Partner & Managing Director, DRPF Worldwide | BSBA in International Business & Marketing [USA] | Minor in Dance | Bachelors in Kathak

Dr Shresht S. Ramesh

Nikhila Tarini Ramesh

Chetna Nandini Ramesh