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Basic MEF Techniques

Take your life consultancy practice a step forward with Advanced MEF Techniques. 


In this 3 day workshop, you will advance yourself on how to apply the ACE to MEF tools to assist deeper and acute self-healing corrections for clients. Through the workshop, you will be given a basic guideline on when these techniques could/should be applied to a client.  Moreover, some of these advanced techniques would be used as add-ons to Basic MEF Transformation & Well-being sessions that a life consultant conducts and some of the techniques will be used during emergency situations.  


Most of the learning will include practical application along with other participants.

May, 2024


Programme Details

What techniques will you learn: 

  1. Revision of Scanning & Basic Techniques and any advances/updates will be provided 

  2. ACE to MEF Pencil & Eraser Transformation & Eraser 

    1. Application on Organs 

    2. Application on Chakras 

    3. Application on Astrological Imbalances 

  3. ACE to MEF Organ Transformation & Wellbeing Massage 

  4. ACE to MEF Consciousness Anesthesia & Surgery 

  5. ACE to MEF Therapy for Animals 

  6. ACE to MEF Therapy for Plants 

  7. ACE to MEF Distant Transformation & Wellbeing Session

  8. ACE to MEF Phone Transformation & Wellbeing Session SMS & Voice

  9. ACE to MEF Internet/Laptop Transformation & Wellbeing Session - Video

Please note that all techniques taught and tools used during DRPF workshops is meant to be a complimentary add-on to any other medical treatments you might be going through.


Thank you for expressing your interest!

Manifest Energetic Surgery for all aspects of life with

ACE to MEF Laser Bar


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