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Eternal Physical Body 

The ALL Solution is about calling, connecting and communicating with the very ALL deep within our core.


The core is the Absolute Self, which consists of:

  • Absolute Awareness

  • Absolute Consciousness

  • Absolute Energy

When you have achieved the Absolute Self you are considered to be:

  • Truly Enlightened

  • Truly Realized

Being compassionate is important in order to create an eternal body.

Hence, you will learn how to create compassion, love, joy, peace and more.

The vessel has to be full of purity so that there is no depression, sadness, anger or ill health. 

Our aim is to create an Eternal Physical Body because in order to call, connect & communicate with ALL our bodies have to be pure in all aspects:

  • Pure Health – to be able to use 100% capacities

  • Pure Body

  • Pure Senses – vision, taste, smell, hearing, touch

  • Pure Wealth

  • Pure Wisdom

  • Pure Mind

  • Pure Brain

  • Pure Speech

  • Pure Genes – physical genes and soul genes

All aspects of our body listed below have vortexes including electrons, neutrons and protons.

These bodies together have to glow and emanate light and sound like the shine of

24-karat pure gold, at every level, creating an Eternal Body: 


1. Physical body – food eating stages and changes

2. Energy Body

3. Mind Body

4. Knowledge Body

5. Aananda Body (devoid of Karma)

6. Aatma Body

7. Time Body

8. Space Body

9. ALL (Individual Formless) Body

When one achieves the Self,  he/she is considered to be self-realized  and self-enlightened .

This holds true at every part of his/her existence; Self-Awareness, Self-Consciousness, Self-Energy, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and more. One would be of 100% perfection and potential.

When the soul decides to leave the body, the body doesn’t decay and it is still available for the soul to inhabit.

We will learn it ALL in 9 days, but it has to be practiced, at least, for 9 months.

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