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Discuss with Dr Ramesh

Do you know where you are in life right now?

Do you know where you want to reach?

Do you know how to reach there?


Connect directly with Dr S.K. Ramesh,

Discuss and help yourself find your the right answers.

Jumpstart with your mini blue print for life, with us...

Important Note:

Please make sure you read all the terms, conditions and steps carefully

before picking up your preferred schedule.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Discuss with Dr Ramesh is a one on one session, exclusively in English. 


2. Participants speaking in any other language will need to arrange their own translators,

before they book a slot.

3. Participants need to fill up a questionnaire and a form, to receive the final meeting link.


Step 1: Pick your slot

Step 2: Enter your basic details and Email ID. Please make sure you use a common email ID throughout.

Step 3: Enter your translator details and confirm your session 

Step 4: Fill up the questionnaire, make sure you save the result for future reference

Step 5: Fill up the final form.

Step 6: Submit to receive the final meeting link.


Free Slots for Discuss with Dr Ramesh 

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