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Personal Consultation

with the Founding Teachers

“Pain and Fear are the reasons for imbalances in our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial health.”

One creates their own problems knowingly or unknowingly. And we have the potential to de-create them as well. This cycle can be applied to every aspect of life, in every profession, in every organization, only the terminology might be different.


Physically, the problems of aging are due to disease and disease is due to persistent stress. The body has the capacity to compensate however, the body loses its ability to compensate due to a lack of energy, resulting in persistent stress.

In a personal consultation, you will be guided to evoke your own natural repairing ability to raise itself. Every session is unique and customized for every individual based on what they are seeking a solution for.

The guidance could include one or multiple of the following processes:

Whole Listening: Listening to you and your fields to find the entry points.


Assessments: Carrying out assessments before and after a session to see shifts.

Scanning: A method to situate where the stress lies: Body | Organs | Chakras | Celestial Body | Environment (internal & external)

Sounds: The vibrations of sounds/mantras work at a cellular level and beyond.


Transformation Exercise: A guided transformative and wellbeing exercise to raise your potential.

Written Exercise: A guided practice of writing to initiate changes in your life.

Wellbeing Session: A session for acute/severe situations, using MEF tools as an additional form of support to jumpstart the self healing process.

In simple terms, each of us needs to strengthen our Awareness, Consciousness and Energy

in order to Manifest, Enrich and Fulfill. We have the ability to heal ourselves

and that is the vision/mission of DRPF’s - ACE to MEF Science & Technology.

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