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Reconnect with your body, mind and soul, for eternity,

with a series of workshops designed to assist you through the way.

Set off on a journey towards


Transformation Series

Initiate a self transformation process to cleanse yourself of all unnecessary programmings, fears and experiences.

Allow yourself to recreate your life at all levels, be it:

Personal: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual

Occupational: Professional, Financial, Business

Social: Family, Community, Environmental

Life Consultant Series

Fulfill your Universal Destiny

by becoming a Self Transformation Consultant.

 Start a career in the field of Wellness,

or take your existing profession to the next level

with the ACE to MEF sciences. 


Immerse yourself completely into your consciousness,

over a period of 9 days or more. Build an unbreakable bond with your inner soul by isolating yourself from unnecessary distractions,

and connecting with the nature like never before.

Bachelor's, Master's,

PhD and DSc

Delve deeper into the world of Awareness,

Consciousness and Energy. Become a coach & consultant

in wellness and transformation. 

Research, realize and enlighten towards a PhD and DSc.

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