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Experience meditation like never before. Be your own guide; become your own healer.

Drive yourself daily with your key to instant emotional and mental alignment with the Uplift Series.

Own your peace with the Uplift Series, three audio notes deigned to help you bring yourself into a state of balance, anytime, anywhere.


The Self Uplift is the first audio note of the Uplift series, which elevates the physical and material dimension of our existence through the seven plexuses across our body, commonly known as chakras. It helps an individual initiate the process of self-transformation of the physical body, into an eternal ‘Self Physical Universe’, Anytime, Anywhere.



The second audio note of the Uplift series, the Celestial Uplift connects us with our ‘Self External Universe’, to elevate our Awareness, Consciousness, and Energy. It enables and empowers the supernatural connection of each individual with the astral, or the Super Conscious- With the Celestial Uplift, we guide you to focus on the astral body and planetary positions located within us.


The Soul Uplift is an eternal spiritual tool that connects us with the unknown anatomy of the Heart. Our mind is the solicitor, but our heart has always been the decision maker. It is imperative that we regularly uplift this powerhouse, for eternity. The Soul Uplift elevates our ‘Self Internal Universe’ to prepare us for eternal Manifestation, Enrichment and Fulfillment.


   Start Uplifting Today  

Get lifetime access to the entire series at a discounted rate of $90. During checkout use the coupon code: UPLIFTNOW



Eliminate Stress, Fear and Anxiety


Connect with your Inner Self


Enhance Mental Clarity


Acquire Serenity and Fulfillment


Heal Emotional Blockages


Uplift Inner Abilities

  • How is the Uplift Series structured?
    Uplift series is a set of three guided exercises, Self Uplift, Celestial Uplift, and Soul Uplift: Infused with rejuvenating Mantras recited by the founders Nikhila & Dr. S K Ramesh. Cradled in various energy cleansing sounds from nature and beyond. Each of the three audio notes is designed to elevate three core dimensions of existence; Physical, Mental & Emotional.
  • Do I need to purchase all the 3 series?
    It is not necessary to purchase the entire series, you have the option to choose based on what you feel will benefit you.
  • Validity of Purchase
    You will get Lifetime access of the audio once you purchase it
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