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The 12L Mini Disc works 120 times above the quality of light. It is a tool that should be used after the jumpstart process started by the 12L Stylo to preserve and sustain the consciousness enrichment in self, others and ALL. It combats the effects of EMF’s generated
by ALL electronic equipment that we use in our daily lives.

Benefits & Properties:
There are two sides of the disc IN and OUT. The side with text written in a clockwise circle is IN and the side with the DRPF logo is OUT.

Radiation is of 2 types: Healthy (uniform waves) and Unhealthy (irregular waves).
Unhealthy radiation wants to become healthy, and for this it needs energy.
It can be used to enhance athletic performance, relieve pain, fasten the healing process of any injury and help keep the entire body energized and balanced.
Moreover, the process can be further enhanced by using body oil or versatile oil before sticking the MEF 12L Disc on to the affected area.

ACE to MEF 12L Mini Disc (3pc)

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