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ACE to MEF Science

Dr.Ramesh's search for a cure including research and practice over the last two decades has led him to the secrets of health and vitality.

MEF Science is based on strengthening our Awareness, Consciousness & Energy  (ACE) in order to Manifest, Enrich & Fulfill  (MEF) all aspects of life.

Every living or non-living form that exists in this universe undergo a process of generation and degeneration and regeneration.


Mountains, plants, animals and humans.


As the years pass, we humans start experiencing dis-comforts, dis-ease, dis-stress. 


Ever wondered why?

External and internal factors, that enable our evolution as an individual and a society, influence our natural balancing mechanism, exhausting us in many ways. These factors block the natural fractal process of our system, leading to a lack of energy.   Accelerating the process of ageing of the body, both physically and mentally.

DRPF Worldwide has several TRAININGS, TOOLS AND TRANSFORMATIONS to evoke a process, which already exists in nature and guide us through our self-healing journey.

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