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Boundless Healing 



A Collective Experience for Individuals

Healing begins at home.

Home being our body, our primary and permanent shelter.

Explore your inner being, one step at a time by...

Reconnect with your Chakras, the 7 Energy Centres of your body

Renew and strengthen your ACE: 

Awareness, Consciousness & Energy

Reclaim your 

Environment and everything beyond

Take the first step towards Self Healing. Make your body your best friend.

Reestablish your natural connection with every corner of your body in this one of a kind,

highly celebrated and successful group therapy experience.

"I discovered a simple and wonderful way to heal my own precious body."

- Dolgor Chuluun Schmidt

Reconnecting with the your inner body, your Chakras, the 7 Energy Centres of your body

Come together as a group with the same intention of breaking free from the blocks that we have built over time knowingly and unknowingly.  

Boundless Healing is a profound guided experience, where you will be able to establish a connection with your inner being, outer being and the environment.

Experiencing the ACE to MEF Techniques & Tones will set you off on a cleansing journey from the outside to the inside through Simplicity. As we trust that Simplicity is the key to every solution.

Come with your Family and Friends to enhance your experience and turn in into an everlasting memory.


Join the

Meet the Teacher


Nikhila Tarini Ramesh is a Master Teacher at DRPF Worldwide for almost a decade now. She has guided many individuals in unravelling their True Qualities and Awakening the Teacher within. A Compassionate Heart with a Sensitive Mind, Nikhila’s voice has a unique healing power in itself. Come and experience the Boundless Healing with Nikhila Tarini Ramesh.

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