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Awaken The Teacher Within.

with the power of ACE to MEF Sciences.


Are you a Solution seeker?

Are you looking for answers to questions unknown to mankind? Waiting to experience the truth beyond reality?  

Find the solution within

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Are you a wellness professional?

Are you a wellness professional, looking to expand your realm of inner knowledge beyond any boundary?

Become a Wholistic Life Consultant at DRPF Worldwide

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A universe of self transformation, built with ACE to MEF Sciences,

developed by the Father of DRPF, Dr Segu Krishna Ramesh.

We are a global community of doctors, healers, therapists, scientific and wellness professionals,

dedicated to transform the universe in ALL, through Simple Transformational Practices.

We are here to help you awaken your teacher within, to seek 'Solutions' of any kind.

Our goal is to understand the unexplored realms of inner knowledge and true qualities,

and further enable healers and wellness professionals across the globe, through various professional courses, workshops, licenses, products, and a lot more

developed with the basics of ACE to MEF Sciences.

ACE to MEF Sciences

Discovered by Dr Segu Krishna Ramesh, the ACE to MEF Sciences explores the universe from the dimensions of energy and beyond. It explores the inner potential of the human heart and the soul within, through simple practices and products. An ever expansive universe, the ACE to MEF Sciences enables us all, humans, animals, plants and more to connect and communicate through nature's simple language of balance and compassion.

To know more about the ACE to MEF Sciences,

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Meet the Founders

Dr Segu Krishna Ramesh

Previously an Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr Segu Krishna Ramesh

is a self taught Healing Expert, with unconventional perspective

towards Inner Knowledge of the Heart and it True Qualities.

A creator of various ACE to MEF products and workshops,

Dr Ramesh has trained and worked with hundreds of wellness professionals, as well as practitioners, from around the globe.


An Entrepreneur and Dancer by Education, Nikhila Tarini Ramesh, is also a Master Teacher and CEO of DRPF Worldwide. 


Born into a family of scientific healers, at a very young age, Nikhila developed an innate understanding for the art of healing and later decided to make it a career.

A DRPF Master Teacher for 10 years, Nikhila has played a key role, along with all the teachers, in helping DRPF expand itself.

Nikhila Tarini Ramesh

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