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Hi there! Do you really think life is that bad?

Are you somewhere on the verge of losing hope?

Then worry not, because you won’t.

Hope is a tool of power and optimism comes naturally to us.

Try to nurture it as much as you can.

Look at the brighter side of things, situations, and life in general.

You were not meant to lament in sorrow, you are meant to conquer.

You are meant to prosper.

You are meant to be happier.

And that is what you shall be.


Try to perceive life in three segments: Health, Wealth & Wisdom.

All these are interrelated, but try to compartmentalize.

For now, prioritize and work on any two of the three.

Focus on your health and work towards your wealth. Your wisdom shall automatically prosper.

Or try another way. Focus on your wisdom, work on your health.

Wealth shall follow you to your doorstep.

Believe in your blessings and strengthen them. 


If you feel you're not meant for the story you are living today, know that you can leave it right now.

All you need to have is determination and faith.

Surround yourself with positivity. Take some time out to appreciate yourself.

Before you go to sleep every night, think of a proud moment from the day.

Think about a good thing you learnt or achieved that day. 


Give yourself small goals and achieve them.

If anything goes wrong, don’t be hard on yourself.

Remember that we all are allowed to make mistakes.

We all learn from our mistakes, and all experiences good or bad have a learning lesson.

Feed the true knowledge of your heart, not the skepticism of your logical mind.

We all are important, and we are meant to be happy and successful.


Encourage yourself my friend, you have a greater role to play in attaining the destiny of the universe.

Make sure what you leave behind is a story of inspiration.

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