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Hello there, send us a happy picture of yours.

We want to see you with your strongest weapon, your beautiful smile!

Seems like you don’t do that quite often now a days.

Worry not, stressful times in life are mostly us transitioning into a better person.

A new version of you is about to unfurl, make sure you feel proud of this one! 


Everyone is blessed with virtues. So are you.

Make sure you don’t undermine them and do justice to your gifts.

Know that you are important and you are right now playing a significant role in the continued growth of the universe.

Learn how to appreciate yourself first. 


If there’s a dis-ease’ that you are suffering from, don’t break your head about the consequences.

Battle it from the very beginning with immense inner strength.

Dive inside your heart and tell yourself I will recover.

Speak with ultimate determination and the victory shall be yours.

You can reverse a disease if you really want to.

Utilize all your positive energy to fight all odds, internal and external. 


The best time to look up in life is when you are low.

Now is the time you should only work towards attaining a higher state of Awareness, Consciousness & Energy.

Try to connect with your inner self and give yourself a purpose.

A short term goal perhaps, to start with.

Do everything needed to reach that goal.

Don’t let any hurdle intimidate you. 


The journey ahead obviously isn’t easy,

but diamonds can only be found inside the deepest mines.

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