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Hey, you've hit an above average score, which is good to start with!

You do have a flair of positivity in you, which should help you get a higher score next time.

Till then, work on yourself a little. Start with experiencing your self belief, to realize your own truth.

This will make you love, respect and trust yourself.

Believe that you have all the potential to live a happy life of your choice.

All you need to do is introspect honestly and identify your strengths and nurture them.


If you're going through a hard phase in life, know that this time would end only if you work towards ending it.

Give yourself small goals and work towards achieving them.

Don’t rush, always take baby steps. Plan your day the right way.

Give yourself the personal time you deserve.

Maintain the same for your professional and social life. 


It’s never too late to work on your health. Anytime is the right time.

If you feel you could have better health, start working towards achieving it today!

If nothing go for a run. There’s a lot of untapped energy in you, don’t contain it, let it flow.

You don’t need anyone else to motivate you, you do know that you have the required knowledge inside you. 


Try to find the purpose of your life.

Every matter on this planet, every living and non-living species plays a significant role

for the continued growth of the universe.


What do you think is your role?

What are you destined for?

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