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Heartfelt congratulations for attaining a high score on the Happiness Meter!

This signifies that you're utilizing your natural potential to its highest and are happy with the results

it is creating in all aspects of your life. You've already found the purpose of your life

and are working towards following and fulfilling your Destiny.


Making an attempt and acknowledging its result go hand in hand.

It's great that you are aware enough to appreciate your efforts as well as your achievements.

Only if we truly recognize our talents and blessings,

can we work on them relentlessly to take it to the next level. 


Even if you are naturally blessed with the best of skills,

the universe has also played an equally important role in bringing you

where you have reached today. It is the best time to look back and find out why

things worked out in your favor. Be thankful to all those who stood by you.

Offer them a small gift of thanks and ask for their blessings.

Remember, confidence brings happiness to us, and humility makes it stay.


It's now time to expand your knowledge base and venture into new horizons.

Do things you've always wanted to, but couldn’t because of whatever reasons.

Perhaps a childhood dream or even your passion? 


There’s a lot of positivity in you. Let it radiate out, especially for those who need it the most.

Use your knowledge and experiences to help others grow.

Always push yourself to be a better version of yourself, everyday.


If you haven’t yet found your universal purpose,

it's perhaps the perfect time to find, follow and fulfill your true destiny.

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