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Ashwa Megha Evolution




ACE 36 Potentials over just 18 days

to eternally become the Best, Caring, Devoted, Dutiful, Invincible, Loving, Righteous, Satisfied & Successful.

An Ancient Indian Practice

to Awaken, Condition and Experience



Eternally Successful | Invincible | Undefeatable


Sarva Shreshtha

Best of the Best


Kartavya Parayan 

Obedient or Dutiful 


Kartavya Nisht

Devoted Conscientious



Righteous King or Person

Benefits of ACE to MEF Ashwa Megha Evolution

  • EXCEL in Education

  • ACT  in order to fulfil all the wishes

  • DEVELOP  Power & Prosperity

  • FINDING a soulmate or a good life partner

  • WIN All aspects eg  elections Sports

  •  ACQUIRING grace blessings potentials

  • GROWING intellect, mental strength, knowledge and courage

  • DISSOLVING unseen barriers and obstacles in the way of your goal fulfilment

  •  STRENGTHENING Navagrahas

and a lot more...

36 Potential
Ashwa Megha Evolution

Starter Technique

Group Practice Sessions

Starter Tool

Ashwa Megha ACE Pendant

[Silver horse]

Starter Pack

Practice Sessions +

 Ashwa Megha ACE Pendant (Silver)

Advanced Pack

Starter Pack (Zoom Webinar) + 
Ashwa Megha ACE Table Top

[450gm Brass Horse]

Ultimate Pack

Starter Pack (Zoom Panelist) + 
Ashwa Megha ACE Table Top

[900gm Brass Horse]

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